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Historic Timberline Lodge


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Built in 1937 as a WPA project, Timberline Lodge is one of the largest tourist attractions in Oregon. Timberline Lodge is a National Historic Monument and was dedicated by former President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Situated at 6,000 feet on the slopes of Mt. Hood, it serves as a hotel for travelers and a place to warm up for skiers. It attracts nearly 2 million people annually. 

So many people are putting out LEGO ideas that are related to space exploration and exploration in general, I thought "Why don't we make sets that remind us why we love our planet?" With so much history and so many people who call this place home, it would be a wonderful set for so many people. Timberline Lodge is a place many people across the country call home. For many people, with kids who are LEGO obsessed, having this set could be a lot of fun for them.

It was a particularly difficult build with so many weird angles and proportions that LEGO bricks don't easily fit to.

Flags order from left to right: German, Swiss, State of Oregon, US, US Forest Service, Japanese, Canadian.

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