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InSight: The Next NASA's Mars Lander


Happy 50th anniversary of the first step on the Moon

I wish you  all a happy 50th anniversary of the first step on the Moon :-)





“LEGO Ideas in the wild”


Once upon a time …


This is the story of a small InSight lander spacecraft model built in LEGO® bricks. Here is photo report on the journey of our Lego Ideas project in places following the steps of the mission, from the launch until the landing on Mars of the real InSight spacecraft.


At JPL control room Pasadena California

The “flight” model of the LEGO® InSight lander on the world-famous mission control (nicknamed “The Center of the Universe”) at Jet Propulsion Laboratory center (Pasadena, California), on November 25, one day before the landing.


Cite des sciences Paris 25 11 2018

The InSight LEGO probe made by a group of schoolchildren from #classesEspace with Laure Harel, and displayed during the main French Landing event in Paris, on November 26.


Oxford England 26 11 2018

Another InSight LEGO probe made by BGS schoolseismology  in Oxford.


Cite des sciences Paris France 26 11 2018

The engineering model of the LEGO® InSight probe in front of a full scale model of the InSight lander provided by CNES, and used for UHF tests in Toulouse.


Cite des sciences Paris France 26 11 2018

The engineering model of the LEGO® InSight probe made by Whatsuptoday with the display stand. Stickers and posters were made to promote the Lego Ideas project.


Cite des sciences Paris France 26 11 2018

The InSight LEGO® probe made by #classesEspace in front of a VIP panel, during the InSight Mars approach and landing

, from left to right : Antoine Petit (Head of the French National Center of Scientific Research, CNRS), Jean-Yves Le Gall (Head of the French National Space Agency, CNES), Franck Poirrier (Head of SODERN/ArianeGroup company), Marc Chaussidon (Head of IPGP, who bears the scientific responsibility of the InSight seismometer) and Gilles Dawidowicz (commentator).



                                                                                                                        ... to be continued.


The 2018 11 26, Real InSight Mars Landing on live :-)

Here's the link to see an animated film about the approach and all the landing maneuver of the real NASA InSight probe on Mars

And the NASA live TV in the control room





Soon the real InSight probe will land on Mars on November 26, 2018,
On this occasion, here is a photo of our Lego probe
made by Matthew Nolan in Australia, also, the text of this project is now translated into Japanese, available here:

Have it fun :-)



With the beautiful and successful launch of the InSight lander from the Vandenberg Air Force base in California








The LEGO probe on Vandenberg's SLC3 firing point, when removing the mobile service tower.




Our Lego InSight Probe presented at the Mars Road Show of the NASA at the Santa Maria Discovery Museum.

Cheers :-)


Thanks to all for 1000 supports :-)





Hi guys,

We're sorry, on six languages, in English, we forgot to put the number of bricks for the InSight probe (341 bricks) :-(


The total set including the probe (341 bricks), the display-stand (108 bricks) and all the accessories (146 bricks), represents 595 Lego bricks, all available at Bricklink ;-)

Have it fun and enjoy it :-)



New colors more realistic

Hello everyone

I present you the new colors of InSight design :-)






See you soon


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