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T-65 X-Wing Starfighter

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This is my version of the classic Star Wars X-Wing starfighter. I built it initially because I thought that the existing LEGO X-Wing products didn't have as much film accuracy as they could have had. I have created the model using LEGO Digital Designer as I haven't the required elements in my collection to create the model for real. The model contains playfeatures such as folding S-Foils and landing gear. The astromech droid can also be removed from its socket behind the cockpit. As this is a smaller model than the official Lego X-Wing products, it does'nt have room to place a pilot in the cockpit.

Landing Gear deployed and S-Foils folded

This is a quick image to show the detailing on the engines that couldn't be achieved with LDD, on the final product it should be white and not grey shown here (I didnt have the same parts in white).

These last two pictures show the new colour scheme I have added to the model to make it look more realistic, it also makes the model more interesting than the plain white model. However, I would like people to comment on which design they prefer and this can be used as the final design of the model.

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