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The Holidays Window Displays


This is my holiday set for Christmas. I wanted to create a holiday street which portrayed somewhat of a vintage vibe with the buildings all decked out for the holidays. The old billboard signs were a popular way of advertising certain buildings which could be seen from far off as with the Holiday’s Department Store. The display windows are adorned with Skaters Outdoors on one side and the other is The Nutcracker. Both are symbolic of Christmas fun and entertainment. The ballerina and the skaters spin in circles by turning the knob on the right end of the building. 

Inside of the Department Store you'll find clothing, toys, musical instruments, cameras and of course Santa and Mrs. Claus.  
   The window found in the front of Mrs Claus Bakery displays, of course, a baked gingerbread family holding baked treats for the holidays. There is milk and a cookie set out for Santa on the little table when he arrives after they're fast asleep. Traveling up the decorated stairs to the second floor is the bakery and below on the first level and behind the scenes are the bakers working away mixing batches of baked goods. In the hall through the front door you will see large doors which is the walk-in refrigerator and a bakery picture on the wall. 
   Of course it would not be complete without the street sign, bench, a tree with a red cardinal and a mailbox.  
   This set contains 2902 pieces.

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