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Boeing 737-500 Classic


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This creation is based upon real airliner Boeing 737-500.  It has taken me over a year of building and modifications to fit the scale, size and realistic details. Complexity and structural strenght was also my focus.

To the real plane:

The 737-500 is the shortest and smallest member of the second generation 737-300/-400/-500 family, and the last to be developed. When the new stretched 737-300 first appeared it was intended to supplement, rather than replace, the 737-200. However the evolution of the 737-300 into a family of models led to the development of a new model comparable in size to the 737-200, but offering better fuel economy and extensive commonality with the 737-300 and -400 models. This was the 737-500, known before its May 1987 formal launch as the 737-1000. Like the preceding 737-300 and 737-400, the 737-500 is powered by CFM International CFM56s turbofans, in this case either 82.3kN (18,500lb) CFM563B1s or 89.0kN (20,000lb) CFM56-3C-1s. All three second generation 737 models share extensive systems and structure commonality, and a common aircrew type rating. These benefits offer real cost savings to an airline with two or more variants of the family in its fleet (

This model features:

  • accurate wingspan and fuselage lenght
  • working position green / red light, inboard and outboard white landing light, The LED´s also supple the tail lights on the wingtips as their rear part is clear and the light source is intense enough. 
  • the airplane lighting system uses original LEGO battery box (hidden in the fuselage, easily accessible through the door in the frontal part - panoramatic opening) and two pairs of LEGO LED lights.
  • 2 functional anticollision beacons. Since no flashing lights in LEGO system exist, these two parts (LEDS hidden under the LEGO light red covers (+ 1. AAA battery and a switch below). Because I known this is againts terms, it would definitely not be be the part of a possible official set (as it could be replaced by original LEGO LED system, which would unfortunaly not flash)
  • working flaps and spoilers, fully retractable nose and main landing gear, very stable and durable indeed
  • Czech Airlines livery is an option (with all respect to the trademark of the CSA logo and design, I have built this airplane for non-commercial purposes only, using their livery to add some touch of realism to my plane.  In the case this creation became an official set, there would be a need of official licensing, I guess).

The plane itself is very durable and you can play with no concerns. It does not fall apart and still looks like a real 737 - 500. Please, feel free to comment on my project. I just hope you like.

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