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The Escape of Pirate King (motorized)

Have you been waiting new pirates set for ages?
As an old fan of Lego pirates series,
I’ve dreamed of making a unique set.
And inspired by 6242 (Soldier’s Fort),
I created a moving pirates set.
I hope that many LEGO pirates fan like and support my idea.
Story about
Little pirate Jack gets into adventures to help Captain Red beard break out of prison.
And Jack discovers hidden treasure and old secret.
Will he finish the mission successfully?
Appealing points
- First motorized pirates set
Using power function L-Motor (88003), battery box (8881), I made smooth motion to move a boat and sea animals (turtle, baby dolphin). The switch is a parrot with red hair behind the set. Just pull/push the parrot, it will start/stop. It’s very simple and easy!

- Surprising and secret space
A skull(a pirate king in the past) and his treasure are hidden at openable place under the fortress.

- Reasonable and adequate size to display (height 24 cm, wide 44 cm, deep 22 cm)

- Various components(5 mini figures, 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 dolphins, 2 bats and so on)
Have a good day!
I’ll be back with the next idea (maybe pirates) soon!!

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