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Working LEGO Skee-Ball Machine


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Skee-Ball (also known as Alley Roller) is one of the classic arcade games that have been around for a long time. And I decided to build my own LEGO version of a Skee-Ball machine.

About the Model:
The Skee-Ball Machine has a total of 1,220 pieces, and it measures 12.1 inches width8.2 inches length, and 13.4 inches height.

Some of the features of this project include how you roll a ball up the ramp, and land into one of the targets to score points.

There’s also a game door on the back of the model to watch your ball roll down into the ball return. And if a ball gets stuck inside the machine, you can open it up to fix it. Just like how arcade game repairers did that.

You can also separate the Skee-Ball Machine into different parts if you want to display it, or you can see how the inside works.

The Skee-Ball machine would be a perfect addition to the LEGO Ideas Foosball Table/Table Football set in order to expand the LEGO arcade theme.

I hope you enjoyed this project, and don’t forget to support it to become an official LEGO set! Thank you!

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