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Lego Slot Car Racers


Slot Car Racing - Lego Style!

Bringing back the old-school slot car racers. Added a manual twist! Each racer is sent around the figure-8 track by one of two controllers. The speed of your car is depended on how fast you can turn the handle on your controller! I love this idea because there is no "fast" lane, each car has an equal chance of winning!

I made the whole track modular as show in the photos. I broke it up into a turn track, straight track, and a T-crossing track. These are movable and can be arranged however you want! The track is powered by the hand cranks that function as controllers. The cars are simultaneously pushed and pulled by the 2 poles connected to each car and done by the gears in each of the slots.


  • 2 slot cars
  • 8 straight tracks
  • 6 turn tracks
  • 1 T-crossing track
  • 2 controllers

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