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Lego Deluxe Monopoly Set


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Having always been a Monopoly and Lego fan, I have finally combined the two in this Deluxe Monopoly set!


  • Full size board
  • 3D elements including, Chance Question Mark, Community Chest, Jail, and many others
  • Money drawer to to hold a full set's worth of money color coded to the Monopoly colors
  • Properties/Chance & Community Chest/House & Hotel/ Pieces drawer to keep all of the parts of the game organized
  • A property holder drawer for the banker to easily show which properties are still available
  • The center (inner) board is made up of 6x6 tiles

Also pictures is the frame pieces that show how the set is held together. I tried to add text to all of the pieces of the board as best I can. I think this would be an easy task for Lego when we get this set approved and hit that 10,000 mark.

Once we get to the 7500 mark, I plan to create a physical version of this set for display on this page and my Facebook page so that everyone can see the actual pieces/money in play on a prototype.

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