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Volvo 240 GLT Creator Set


Further Developed Models - 1977 Volvo 244 DL

This version of the model is designed to be a lower spec DL model of the earlier design before the 1980's saw a restyled version released.  To that end, this version features a more basic interior in 70's brown!  An earlier style front and rear end, thinner, steel type wheels and a carburetor fed Volvo B21 engine.




Further developed models - 1978 Volvo 242 GT

Some more iterations of this model - This time a 2 door special edition 242 GT made for the US market:

This version features the unique GT interior, 2 door body shell, new wheels, older style rear lights, older style front grille and lights and a B21 injection engine under the bonnet


Saloon Picture

For some reason I'm having trouble uploading pictures of the sedan but will keep trying


240 Turbo Sedan/Saloon Developed

Update the model has been adapted into a Turbo Saloon/Sedan model.  Changes include switching the engine under the hood to a B21 Turbo unit with added pipe work.  A saloon style exhaust and obviously the changed rear end where in the boot/trunk you'll find a lift up cover to the spare wheel well complete with spare.  In the turbo the body work is now metallic blue and the interior tan button back leather - enjoy!