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Volvo 240 GLT Creator Set


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This is my second project I've submitted and is of one of my favorite cars - The legendary Volvo 240 Estate or "Wagon".  This set like my other is designed to be a "Creator" set and aimed at costing around the £100 mark.

The set is of a sporting GLT model and  is packed with working features.  Under the opening bonnet is a replica of the famous Volvo B230 "Red Block" engine.  This version being a fuel injected 2.3 litre with 130bhp.

Behind the opening doors is a detailed interior including the GLT model's button-back black leather seats complete with the unique Volvo head restraints.

This being the estate version it needs to be practical so just like the real thing, this model is a full 7 seater featuring fold away child seats beneath the opening tailgate.

Not only this, but the rear head restraints remove and the seats fold flat just like the real car allowing you to carry huge loads.  In the case of this set and it being a Volvo, its an antique wardrobe!  The wardrobe is designed to fit in the Volvo when the seats are folded down.

The roof removes as one piece allowing for play and with an interior this versatile, you'll want to!  

In the pictures I've tried to include some shots of the seats in action.

I am in the process of building the actual model but its taking time to acquire all the pieces! 

Regardless of if I get 10,000 votes I will post the building instructions for other to enjoy.


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