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Tugboat Tugger 1


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This small tug boat named Tugger 1 is full of details and comes in very nice colors. It's a perfect fit for any LEGO city.

The set comes with two minifigures, captain Mick Tucker and his nephew Brad Tucker. Together they can tow anything that needs towing.

I think it is also a perfect addition to the new LEGO Ideas set "the old fishing store" but that is not the reason I designed it. I like building ships big or small and I think that this one turned out good enough to give it try at ideas.

The ship is well designed and has lots of play features. It has a smooth brick build hull, detailed anchorwinch at the front deck and storage containers at the front and rear deck. A small yet detailed wheelhouse with desk that can be entered via a sliding door. For easy acces the roof is detachable. Under the funnel you will find a detailed yellow ship engine. And of course there is a brick build towing hook on the reardeck

In the storage boxes at the rear deck you will find some tools and a flaregun for the unlikely event that Mick and Brad need help themselves.

But that is not all. This ship may look like a waterline model but there is a complete underwatership that will transform your waterline model into a very nice and detailed showmodel. Put it on the stand and you can enjoy this build on your desk.

I hope you all like this small tug and support this project. Thanks for your time and interest and for your support,

Lets get to 10.000


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