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Holiday in Paradise

Hello Lego fans and welcome to this island that will allow you to experience a real vacation in paradise!

With this project I wanted to recreate the setting of a place that I have visited and that fascinates me, a paradise tropical island on which to dream of escaping and taking refuge away from the commitments and problems of everyday life. The exact place ... I leave it to your imagination to recognize it!

The "Holiday in Paradise" set is imagined as part of an island of breathtaking natural beauty, which includes a lagoon of azure waters, a beach of fine white sand and a shady coconut grove under which to shelter from the scorching sun. In this beautiful garden live colorful parrots and a myriad of marine creatures such as hermit crabs, crabs and starfish. Also, if you walk along the beach, you can almost certainly find some beautiful shells.

Guests of this suggestive location can choose to stay in:

  • Beach Bungalow: This smaller accommodation is located right in front of the beach. Is wonderful to be able to open the door and get your feet wet in the warm waters of the sea by taking a few steps! It consists of a bedroom equipped with all comforts and a bathroom.

  • Water Villa: This accommodation is ideal for hosting a family. The peculiarity of this accommodation is that it is built on stilts right above the water and allows you to dive directly into the sea! It consists of a large bedroom, a bathroom, a porch for relaxing in the shade, a small infinity pool and an outdoor platform for sunbathing and diving directly into the sea. To access this structure you must walk along a raised wooden pier.

These two buildings are rich in detail and beautiful to look at, but can also be played inside thanks to the opening cover. Also, if you want to immerse yourself completely in untouched nature, you can relax on the comfortable platform built under the palm trees.

Not just relaxation! On this island it is also possible to indulge in some interesting water sports such as stand up paddle, rowing boat or simple snorkeling.

The project, consisting of 2989 pieces, contains seven minifigures:

  • a family consisting of father, mother and son;
  • a young married couple;
  • two staff members: a housekeeper and a watersports officer.

The set also contains various accessories such as two stand up paddle boards, a rowing boat and a cleaning trolley. The lights were inserted only as decoration.

I hope I managed to share a little piece of this dream place with you, offering you a set with a style that Lego has never released. It would be nice to be able to admire this set displayed on a shelf and travel, even if only with the mind, to distant places...

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