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Sony Walkman


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I would like to present you this 1:1 replica of a classic Sony Walkman WM-22, arguably the first cheap portable cassette player produced. Back in the late 80ties when it was produced, it was a truly revolutionary device. Today, we take the ability to play music anywhere for granted. Back then it was this little cassette player which made this possible.

The model is little and could be an interesting and cheap set in the LEGO IDEAS line-up, and for sure makes for a great conversation piece. Expect "wait... is this LEGO?" to be muttered by your guests every single time!

While small, the model features switchable cassette tapes and 1:1 scale headphones with regulated headband. There are also few cool tricks to discover for the builders, be it unexpected building direction changes or unusual techniques used here and there. Though, some of those would probably raise an eyebrow of the designer should this actually go into production.

The variant on the photos is a classic red, but more could be produced. Let me tell in comments which of the original color variants would you like to see, and I will check if this would be possible!

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