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Brick Walk


8000, 9000, 9500... We are almost there!

We are less than 500 supporters from our goal. People are starting to flock Brick Walk for a big celebration!
I feel very grateful for the support received for this, my first Lego Ideas project.
Last days to support it, don't miss your opportunity!
Thank you,


7000 supporters!

We are 7000! Unbelievable support for my first project on Lego Ideas. I would like to thank all of you. Let's go for the 8k!


6000 supporters!

I would like to THANK YOU for all the incredible support received so far. Now, let's think in the 7000 mark! WE can do it! ūüí™


5000 times, thank you!

After 2 months of submitting this, my first Lego Ideas project, I feel so honoured and overwhelmed by your incredible support from the very beginning. All the feedback received in this short period of time was incredible. Achieving 10k or not, I'll never forget all this experience. Now, let's go for the final goal!


4000 people walking on Brick Walk!

We are getting close to the next milestone of 5k. Thank you!


We are 3000! Thank you for your support!

Grandma has made a delicious pie for you to celebrate 3000 supporters to Brick Walk:


2000 Supporters! Thank you!

Brick Walk citizens wants to thank you for all your support:


1000 Supporters! Thanks to all of you!

I'm so glad for all your support to my first Lego Ideas project. To celebrate this first thousand supports two extra interior images.

Let's go for the 10k!



100 Supporters!

We've made it to 100 supporters, right in the first day of submission! 

In the Brick Walk House we are preparing for dinner to celebrate 100 supporters!

Thank you so much to everyone!


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