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Vintage Train Set


Darth Vader's Castle

My parents received an email a couple days ago on October 5th about a new LEGO set coming out. It's called Darth Vader's Castle. This set looks epic, and you should really go check it out. (Update by Joseph cheeseinthepie. 10/7/2018)


The Locomotive in its Own Picture

Prospector1 commented a day ago on this project, and told me he couldn't see the windows on the locomotive leading the Vintage Train Set project. Here's a better picture, so that way you can see the windows:

The window's are not much to look at, so I might edit that later, so that way it looks better.

He also said that an engineer figure would not be able to fit inside the locomotive. When I first started this project, I wanted to add LEGO minifigures to it. But then, I decided not to for two reasons: 1. I would not have been able to fit a minifigure inside of the cab, due to the fact that I needed to make room for Power Functions in such a small locomotive. 2. In this type of Lionel train set, figurines were not included, so I really wanted to keep that authentic Lionel feel in the project.

Have a nice day, everyone! By cheesy. 4/12/2018


BricketyBrick's Best Christmas Gift (read this)

BricketyBrick is a new member here on LEGO Ideas.

BricketyBrick recently posted a comment to me on this project in the following words:

Hello, I was just looking around and came accross your train idea. Last Christmas I cleaned and lubricated my wifes Grandpa's Lionel 252 for a suprise for him. He received the train as a gift in 1934. His train looks very similar to yours and is the same olive green color!  I absolutely love your Lego version of the train!  I would love to build it and run it along side his old Lionel.  I think Grandpa would LOVE this.  I wish you the best of luck with this. Scott

With the touching description, he attached this loving picture:

If you notice, the very vintage train set sits on a modern Lionel O-Gauge track. So now, I know that old Lionel items and new items are compatible with one another.

By the way, I too have a Lionel train set. I received it in the mail on October 6th of 2017. It's my first one. I wanted to show this to BricketyBrick, but I decided to only speak of it. Now, here is one of the images I took of it:

Have a good day! First image provided by the wonderful BricketyBrick. Second image provided by me. 1/24/2018


So many colors!

Today I was messing around with this project. I made the olive green color scheme on the train several different colors. Take a look! Have a good day! By cheesy. 1/11/2018


364 days!

Oh no! This project has less than a year left for more supporters! Please help!


100 Supporters!! Again!

Thank you all for your support! Let it be known that on this day, October 29th, 2017, that I made 100 supporters on yet another project! By cheesy. 10/29/2017


Just 1 more!

Thank you all for your support! It's October 29th, 2017, and I have 99 supporters on one of my latest projects! Have a good day! By cheesy. 10/29/2017


2 in 1 Update!

Update 1:

​Hey, Peanutgallery4 ! Guess what I just did at 10:20 PM at night? I subscribed to your Peanutgallery4 Gaming channel! In fact, I am the first subscriber for that particular channel of yours! I clicked the "like" button on all of the videos there. Make sure to subscribe to that channel, folks!

P.S.: Now I know what you mean by making songs in Minecraft, Peanutgallery4 .

​Update 2:

I did not take this image, so I do not take credit for taking it.

This is just one of the images that helped carve this Lego Ideas project, the Lego ​Vintage Train Set​. The locomotive is a 254e electric locomotive. It's some sort of replication of a "Bi-Polar" locomotive, or something. The train cars were replicated from these Pullman ones here.

Have a good night, everyone! By cheesy. 10/17/2016