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Vintage Train Set


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This is a Lionel ​inspired vintage train set in Lego form. If you like Lionel ​trains from the late 20's and the early 30's, then this Lego project just might be your cup of tea.

When I first started building this project, I started building the locomotive. It was originally going to be six studs wide. but then I realized that an eight-stud width would be more practical for the shaping of the 254e engine. Once it was complete, I was very proud of the result.

The passenger cars came next. This was also a challenge, but once again, I pulled through. The final car is the passenger car in the middle of the train, but with a deck at the end.

When I completed building this train set, I was very happy with how everything turned out. It felt and still feels like things came out the way they were supposed to.

This Vintage Train Set is 1,443 pieces. The Locomotive is 490 pieces, the Passenger Car is 454 pieces, and the Observation Car is 464 pieces. If you look in the images, there are many parts on the 254e that can be taken off. This train set is compatible with Power Functions​.

There are also some train tracks that come with this train set. Three types of layout can be made with this track: a circle, an oval, and a rounded square.

The item next to the tracks in the fifth image is a dummy rc unit. The knobs can be taken off so that way they can be placed on a Power Functions ​remote control.

I hope you liked this project! Please tell me what you think in the comments. Have a fantastic day, everyone! By cheesy. 10/14/2017


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