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Great Temple of Abu Simbel - With Secret Treasure


1968 - Too easy relocation of Abu Simbel Temple!

In 1968, the Abu Simbel Temple was relocated, to save it from the rising waters of Lake Nasser (a dam was built). As the old Johnny Thunder said: "The fact that the temple was made of Lego bricks, helped a lot with the operations!". Little April Fools update for the project!


THANK YOU! 1000 Supporters, you are fantastic!

The Sun shines over Abu Simbel!
After only a week the project reached 1000 supporters, thank you from my heart for all the awesome feedback! You are amazing!

To keep growing and make it real, I now ask you for some help. So please:
  • Let's share the project with friends, tomb raiders or anyone who may be interested in history, architecture, art, archeology, ancient Egypt, hidden treasures, terrible curses and so on ;)
  • Please take a moment to leave a little comment in the comments section, it helps a lot to keep the project "alive" and visible for all, here on Lego Ideas.

That's all for now, I thank you again for all the support and suggestions! Let's do it! :)

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