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Acclamator Class Assault Ship


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Hello again everybody! This is my new and improved Lego Acclamator. The Acclamator was an assault-ship used by the Galactic Republic. These ships have participated in numerous space battles, and were also utilized to land clone troopers, AT-TEs, and other clone artillery on a planet. This iconic ship could serve as a display piece or playable model for Lego builders ranging from experts to beginners, or a die-hard Star Wars fan to a child building for the first time with his/her parent.

I decided to build an Acclamator because of its apparent transparency with Lego builders; it has not been a common ship constructed throughout the Lego community. So I took this as a challenge to build a unique, sophisticated, and beautiful Acclamator model, that is reminiscent of the fear and power associated with the classic Star Destroyer (a ship that every Star Wars fan loves!).

About 60 hours of LDD designing went into this model, especially regarding the frame as well as attempting to replicate all of the Acclamator's defining angles present in the actual model of the assault-ship. Some of the angles are subtle and others prominent, and I needed a sturdy frame to make sure that all of the pieces fit together properly. I used technic pieces and tried to maximize the amount of connections between parts in the frame. My favorite parts of the ship are the two slightly inward tapering sections: the center spine running down the middle of the ship, and the tail of the ship. Even though these are subtle details, they make the Acclamator appear more realistic and smooth, as it more closely resembles the actual ship. 

What is different than my previous Acclamator model is the addition of interior features. There are separate "rooms" underneath the two triangular "top wings" of the ship. These wings are attached by several hinged pieces and can easily be removed and reattached. The four rooms include: medical area, turret controls, engine room, and a secret hatch room. The medical area includes two white swivel beds for injured clones/other patients, and could feature a 2-1B medical droid minifigure. The turret controls room features two stations for clone gunners, as well as an area containing ammunition canisters to replenish the turrets. The engine room contains pipes carrying fuel to the engines and a planning station to perform engine maintenance. Finally, the secret hatch room features a hatch (obviously) that can be covered and uncovered; secret supplies, small weapons, or ammunition can be stored here.

Thank you for taking the time to read about and view my creation! I greatly enjoyed designing this ship, and rendering the awesome realistic pictures (thank you POV-RAY and Bluerender!). Even though I'm in college (away from my bins of Lego D:) I will continue to keep designing and building! Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support!

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