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Viking Warrior Temple

Built in the snowy mountains of Norway rests a small temple dedicated to a fallen warrior. For those strong enough and brave enough to make the journey, his helmet awaits along with a hidden treasure. However, those who seek the plunder are often ill fated. 

Included are a Viking grounds keeper, two Viking guards, and three pilgrim mini-figures. 

I designed this set to fit in with my Lego Viking ship, using some of it's pieces (shields) in its design. I have always loved Norse architecture and wanted to build something unique that my longship could adventure to. Vikings were a warrior people and were fiercely dedicated honouring their culture, Jarls, and fallen warriors.

I think this would make an excellent Lego set because there is a desire for Viking/Norse themed sets. Viking era has become increasingly popular with adults and kids alike with multiple TV shows, video games, and movies featuring Viking lore. I loved Lego's past Viking sets and I believe another set inspired by Nordic history would be an excellent choice for Lego Ideas. 

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