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Micro City - Skyscraper 'White Angle'

This is the first micro-scale skyscraper set in my Micro City Series.
It's design is based on an existing skyscraper in New York City.
It doesn't have a base plate yet, but that will be added soon.

The building stands over 70 centimeters or 29 inch tall and consists of more than 5500 pieces* as it is now.

For advanced builders:
When you exchange one 4x6 plate on each of the level inside the structure with the parts you see on the right of the main picture, you can build in some lights.

The high brick count can be lowered by using longer transparent blue plates. At the time this skyscraper was (virtually) built, there where only 1x1 plates available.

On the left: The inside structure.
On the right: Looking up to the sky.

On the right you see the pieces to use when you want to add lights inside this skyscraper.

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