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Modern Shopping Center

As a collector of LEGO's modular series, I have noticed that there is no modern building and very few shops. With this build I did both.

1st floor: Hats and backpacks for sale, in addition to the checkout line and cash registers.
2nd floor: 3 dressing-rooms, and clothes and perfume/cologne for sale.
3rd floor: Electronics for sale and an apartment.
  • The apartment: Has a bed, bathroom, kitchen, and living room area.
The roof: Potted plants and garden beds accessible by the apartment owner.
The front: Store sign, pretzel shop, and handicap accessible ramp.
Mini-figures: 7 total
  • Fitting Room Attendant (Store Employee)
  • Cashier (Store Employee)
  • Pretzel Stand Worker
  • 3 different shoppers
  • Old lady (Lives in the apartment)
Size: 1999 pieces including 3 cats, 1 rat, and 3 pure white mini-figures (mannequins)

Mini-figures can travel between the 1st and 3rd floor via an elevator that can be controlled by the user with the hand-crank found on the roof of the building.*
Every floor and the roof can be separated.
6 pieces are not shown
  • 3 mini-figure capes for the fitting rooms
  • 1 string for the elevator
  • 2 technic pins for connecting to other modular buildings

I am open to all feedback so please leave some, thanks.

*This build was created in BrickLink Studio, where there is no string so I am not positive that this works at the moment.

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