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Travel Down the Nile

"Egypt is “the gift of the Nile"Herodotus
Since I was younger I love everything related to Egypt, maybe because of the pyramids, the treasures, or maybe the gigantic buildings. But anyways, something is sure: the Nile was and still is a vital part of life for the Egyptians.
This idea is my way to thank this great country for all it gives not only to my but all the world, focusing me on the people who lived there a long time ago, people who are commonly forgotten in history.

What includes
The number of pieces in this set is 1546.
  • This idea includes a farmer, a guard, a seller, two children, a royal servant, and the queen(7).
  • The animals are a cat, a chicken, a crocodile, a monkey, and a bird.

A picture from the past
This idea consists of three parts: an Egyptian house(according to historical reconstructions), a market with some buildings like an obelisk and a gate, and the royal boat, where the queen can travel down the Nile to visit her kingdom. For the river´s coast, I added plants to recreate the life that grows around the Nile, especially the papyrus plant, really important to Egyptians.
Animals are another important part I implemented in this idea: cats were very important to eliminate rats and they were considered sacred. Monkeys were a very popular pet for Egyptians, even being mummified and buried with their owners; crocodiles were sacred animals too.
I think this idea can be a great set because it is a way to appreciate our history and the number of minifigures and pieces promotes creativity and improves gameplay.

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