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LEGO Spinning Planets


LEGO Spinning Planets - 5 Planets!

Side by side, here are the 5 Spinning Planets!

Which one is your favorite? You could get your own if it becomes an official set!

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Star Wars variation - LEGO Spinning Planets

For all the fans of Star Wars like myself, I created a variation based on the Battle of Endor, that I hope you like!

It has a turbolaser at the base that also spins and Darth Vader as a minifigure.

With the micro spaceships from the movie:

- A firing Death Star II

- Millennium Falcon

- X Wing, Y Wing, A Wing, Tie Fighter, Tie Interceptor, and an Imperial Shuttle

- A Star Destroyer & Super Star Destroyer 

- Mon Calamari cruiser, Corellian Corvette, and Nebulon-B Frigate


Space History in Spinning Planets!


With Spinning Planets you can have fun and learn about the Human Space Exploration History at the same time!

You can build the most iconic space creations as micros and make them orbit the Earth: 

- Sputnik I: The first human-made object to enter space.

- Vostok I: Placed the first man in space, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

- Saturn V: With the Apollo 11 mission and the rocket Saturn V, Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon. 

- Voyager I:  The most distant man-made object from Earth and the first to cross the interstellar space in 2012.

- Space Shuttles: Columbia was the first of the NASA´s Space Transportation System (STS)

- Hubble Telescope: One of the largest telescopes, that revolutionized the field of astronomy with its photographs. 

- Delta II (and Pathfinder): The rocket Delta II carried the Sojourner rover that reached Mars, becoming the first rover to operate on another planet.

- International Space Station: Astronauts from all over the world work on all sorts of experiments in the International Space Station.

And some Extras!

- UFO: Are we alone in the universe?

- LEGO Set 60224: Satellite Service Mission



Classic Space Set - Spinning Planets Variation #1

This variation was created for all of us who love the old classic space LEGO sets and would love to have them in a Spinning Planet! 

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