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LEGO Spinning Planets


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Celebrate with me the 50 Years of HUMAN SPACEWALKING and the 40 Years of LEGO SPACE by honoring them with SPACE CREATIONS that I hope you love too!

The prototype I created includes:

- 3 Planets with their base and DIFFERENT STYLES.

- The Planet and it´s Micros SPIN with only 1 movement!!! (Manually or adding a MOTOR).

- They SPIN TOGETHER if connected side by side.    

The favorite Micro Spaceships or Space Structures can be exchanged between each other to orbit the planet.

- I placed Minifigures with their accessories and a place where they can sit at each base.

- The movement mechanism allows other Micros and Bases styles for the Planets!


Please check out the VIDEO of HOW IT MOVES at Vimeo


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