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LEGO Spinning Planets


Spinning Planers first 1000 votes

THANKS everyone so much for the support!!! We are a step closer! :D


LEGO Spinning Planets in Beyond the Brick interview

A few days ago Beyond the Brick gave me the chance to share more about my project for LEGO Ideas, Spinning Planets, here is the interview  

Thanks so much for allowing me to share it with everyone!!!


LEGO Spinning Planets - Classic Set video

One of the new variations is the Classic set made up of Classic LEGO Sets.

Take a look and see if you recall some! 


LEGO Spinning Planets Variation - Station X-23

I have created a new variation, the Station X-23. It is a mysterious alien orbital station that spins in the deeps of space. It has its unique style, Minifigure, and details!

I hope you like it!



A brief history of Human Space Exploration with Spinning Planets (video)

Everyone could enjoy and learn a little of history of the Human Space Exploration with Spinning Planets, check out the video at: 


LEGO Spinning Planets - 5 Planets video!

Here is the video with the 5 Spinning Planets: 

1) LEGO Classic Space

2) M-Tron

3) Human Space Exploration

4) Future Aliens

5) Star Wars (The Battle of Endor)

You can connect them together and spin them manually or with a motor. Each one has their own style & details, a Minifigure, and micros -that orbit them and could be changed for others that you could build.

More videos will come soon!


#LEGOIdeasInTheWild - Spinning Planets, exhibit at Hangar

Many artistic projects were presented at the exhibit. I was honored to present for the first time ever, THE FIVE Spinning Planets - along with some part of my collection too. Thanks again for the support!!!



#LEGOIdeasInTheWild - Spinning Planets, Exhibit at Plaza Lincoln

This time Spinning Planets went to Plaza Lincoln and a lot of people supported the project.

Thank you very much!!!



#LEGOIdeasInTheWild - Spinning Planets, Exhibit at Oxígeno Playground

I had the opportunity to share Spinning Planets (and Mexico City - San José projects) with the public at Oxígeno Playground as part of the LEGO IDEAS section. Can you imagine Spinning Planets being an official set like the awesome ones next to it?  




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