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Biology Lab: Eukaryotes


"Every time you build a Lego model you understand its secrets" is the most truthful quote for a Lego builder of every age.
So why don't use lego models to learn how cells are actually made?

Maybe you want to grow your children teaching them biology and how the nature works or probably you don't want to fail the biology test once more? Maybe you want to give a nerdy present to your girlfriend or simply want a decorative object for your desk?

Let's present Biology Lab: Eukaryotes. This set will let you build two of the most commonly known types of eukaryotic cells explaining to you everything you need to know about them.
During the building process you will learn how each part of the cell works and what are its functions thanks to the exaustive infromations presents in the building intructions booklet.


The set includes:

Animal cell (including nucleus and various organelles)

Plant cell (including nucleus and various organelles)

Building instructions booklet with tons of explainations and cool images


Number of pieces: 700 ca

Dimensions: 14cm x 24cm x 10cm (6in x 9in x 4in)

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