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Human Skull


The human skull is composed of bones and cartilage and forms the basis of a human’s head. The bones within a human skull can be divided into two main groups:

  • Cranium bones - 10 bones which form a cavity to protect the brain from injury
  • Face bones - 14 bones which support the face and dictate an individual’s appearance, including the lower jaw (mandible bone) which hinges with the base of the cranium

This idea is to produce a life-size / realistic model of a human skull with a hinged jaw. Designed originally using the SketchUp 3D modelling tool, it was then built in Lego using standard bricks and plates. The cranium is hollow so could be adapted into a money box, or further extended onto a neck and shoulders skeleton base.

The model uses 1166 pieces and makes a great display piece.  I am currently working on a full human skeleton, but I appreciate that this would be too large for a single Lego ideas project.

I hope you enjoy and vote for this model so that I can share it with you. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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