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God Mars Buddies

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Here comes God Mars Buddies, a group of six robots before combination into one giant God Mars. The previously built Gaia drives me the intention to complete the other partners as they are always important but very often missed out on screen.

God Mars was Japanese robot animation around 1980s.
Some people may not know their faces. To make people more familiar with their look, here comes my favourite "big head" series.

They have joints for simple gesture. Simple structure make they rigid enough and playable.
They cannot combine yet in this scale. Maybe sometimes I can improve to make this possible.

Hope you enjoy and love them.

Thank you.

Gaia on TV always the first robot for mission. He will always fly away from the japanese statue.
The Pilot will get inside Gaia. The others may join for mission in case of need.

The left one is Sphinx which becomes the body shell middle (after combination).
Gaia is the red one on the right as body core internal.

Uranus (white in color) is the right arm while Titan (green in color) is the left arm.

Shin supports as the right foot while Ra supports as the Left Foot.

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