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Super Wings


Hello, the idea that I propose today is an animated series titled Super Wings.

The set consist of 582 bricks and is four characters in the series.

The characters are

  1. Jett the protagonist of the series, red and white color that looks similar to a su25
  2. Dizzy a Notar rose rescue
  3. Donnie a c27j spartan yellow and blue, it is the builder and when it lands, innvariably does so badly
  4. Paul an f86 cop.


In each episode, Jimbo, the airport where the fligt controller Super Wings live, relying on Jett a parcel to be delivered to a child somewhere in the world. Jimbo teaches Jett a few words in the local language, often a greeting, and gives him some country information that airplane will be visiting. Delivered the package to the child, Jett is regulary involved in the use of the object that is contained, and is this is an opportunity to deepen the custom and the custom of the place. The moment you present a difficulty, Jett calls for help Jimbo, you send one (or more) of Super Wings. Resolved the situation, the planes are returning to the airport.


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