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Boeing 737-700


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The design of my LEGO creation is based on the real airliner -  Boeing 737-700 series aircraft (Next Gen)

The most successful airliner type of The Boeing Commercial Aircraft company produced so far.

This is a generic 737-700 version, the shortest hauler from the whole 737 NG family. It includes Split scimitar winglets. This aerodynamic enhancement particularly saves fuel, improves the plane stability and generally increases residual value of the plane.

Main features of the model:

  • 8 studs wide fuselage
  • accurate scale model featurng appropriate wingspan and fuselage length / windth and lots of tiny details..just count the windows and compare it to the real plane pics :-)
  • UNITED airlines livery
  • wingtip vortex management system - the retrofit set including ventral strake + scimitar tips produced by The Aviation Partners Boeing
  • oval CFM 56-7 turbofans with detailed fans and nozzles
  • fully retractable nose and main landing gear, abolutely stable and durable
  • working fowler flaps and leading edge slats (L/R sides are connected, they move simultaneously
  • openable fuel stack panel in the wing + display interface
  • UHF/VHF antennas, onboard wi-fi system antenna
  • working exterior / interior lighting - I used an original LEGO battery box (hidden in the fuselage, easily accessible through the door in the frontal part via panoramatic opening) The special feature includes red and green nav lights, 3x white tail light, landing lights and an both anticollision beacons as well as the interior section which glows faintly in the dark.
  • With all respect to the airline logos and liveries as well as The Boeing 737 logo, Boeing Commercial Aircraft design, details and markings and Aviation Partners Boeing winglets,  I have built this model for non-commercial purposes only.

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