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0-6-0 Switching Locomotive


Hello, everyone! It's me, cheeseinthepie, with yet another LEGO train project. Today, I present to you all a 0-6-0 Switching Locomotive that I built last night.

This steam locomotive is 323 pieces. In this model, I used more legacy colors to make the model look more realistic. Also, I used the old grey colors instead of using the modern stone grey colors we see today.

This model is not compatible with Power Functions whatsoever. However, you may put a working diesel locomotive behind this steam locomotive along with some passenger cars to make it look like the locomotive is on tour.

The cab's roof can be lifted to reveal a firebox, two pressure gauges, and a seat for the engineer minifigure. Also, the cab's roof has an escape hatch feature.

May I please be honest with you all? Of all the LEGO steam locomotives I've built, I believe the tender on this one turned out the best.

If you all want to see this model for yourselves, and download it on your LDD, click right about here. :-)

Thank you for your support! If you think something needs improvement, or if you have any suggestions for new LEGO projects from me, please give me your thoughts in the comments. Have a good day everyone, and Happy New Year! By cheesy. 12/29/2017

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