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Old Autumn Villa


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Old Autumn Villa

In a very beautiful secluded autumn landscape stands this very old villa. The plaster already goes off in some places on the walls. In order for this effect to be enhanced as much as possible, I have used the "Profile Brick 1x2". Through this design, the villa gets its own style and character. In addition to the veranda, it also has a balcony.
Moreover, the villa is decorated and expanded from the inside. Through the lift-off-technique, you can divide the villa into 3 essential elements and a look for the interior is no problem. Inside is an old telephone, a bed, a kitchen, a bathroom and much more to discover.
Outside, some trees with the typical autumn color surround the villa. In addition, many individual leaves have fallen down on the ground, which the owner of the villa just collects.
Due to the many details and different work steps, this model is certainly a great pleasure for many.
I could imagine this model is well in the series Creator or Exclusive.

data/ functions
• 5 autumn trees
• 2579 parts
• 3 detachable floors
• Interior fittings
• 1 minifigure, 2 cats and an owl

Here you can see a winter version of my first villa :)

Thank you


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