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The Acropolis of Athens

In this project I propose you to travel in Greece, back in Antiquity, in the city of Athens. Or more precisely, in the stunning Acropolis. As there now only ruins left, we only have imagination to find back his ancient magesty.

I do not pretend to deliver THE exact version of the Acroplis : even if I based my work on some reconstitutions, I took some liberties with the buildings. Nevertheless you can find in this miniature version the most important elements of the Acroplis : the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Prolypylaea, the Athena Niké Temple and a statue of Athena.
The total set contains about 2000 bricks.
This project is a resubmission of one of my ancient projects, wich I enhanced with a better presentation. If you have already seen it and you want to support it again, or if it is the first time you see it, no matter, each support is welcome ! I hope you will enjoy it, and if you do, please support and leave me a comment !

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