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The Parthenon Ruins


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The Parthenon is one of most iconic Greek temples from the ancient world.  Located atop the Acropolis in Athens the Parthenon was built between 447 and 438 BCE and is one of the best examples of the classical Doric order.

Heavily damaged by an explosion in 1687 (the Ottoman Empire was using it to store ammunition!) the temple was left in ruins.  Large scale restorations began in the 1970's but this model features the Parthenon ruins, pre-restoration.

The model is comprised of 2,966 parts and is:

  • 85.6cm long (107 studs)
  • 42.4cm wide (53 studs)
  • 23.2cm high (29 studs)

The model features the iconic Doric columns, in various states of disrepair, remnants of the statuary on the frieze and pediments, and some of the interior walls which survived the blast.  

The base is heavily influenced by the Lego Architecture style, although this set could be described as Lego Architecture - UCS due to its size and brick count.

With some terrific feedback from the Lego Ideas Community the models original "very light grey" colour scheme was updated to include multiple tan elements, adding depth and detail to the original build.  I have now rolled all updates  (Prior to October 2019) into the main product idea, but will continue to tweak as time goes on and supporters are added.  

If you like what you see please or have any suggestions for improvements please leave a comment, I love the feedback.



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