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Powered UP GP38 Locomotive


How it came together:

During my hiatus in October, I had taken a break from LEGO Digital Designer. However, I still wanted to build a LEGO build of some sort. And so, I built something from bricks from my LEGO Collection. It took me three days to complete the first version of the model. However, it things needed to be perfected, so a built and rebuilt until it looked and worked perfectly. Not only did I expect the model to have a consistent color scheme, but I didn't think that it would have as many features as it does.

Project description:

This project—from what I can tell—is 400 to 600 pieces. Two engineer minifigures with identical uniforms are included with the locomotive, one of them carrying a walkie-talkie. The 6x6 cab section can be lifted off to reveal a simple interior for one of the engineers to sit in. Another section that can be lifted is the mid-section of the locomotive where the first two radiators reside. Underneath this section is a 4x8x4 block that can also be lifted out.

“What is this so-called ‘block’.” you might ask. This block is a replication of the—surprise, surprise—a replication of a LEGO Powered Up element. In order to power this locomotive, a Motor, a Hub, and a Remote Control will be needed. The latter of these is optional, since the locomotive can be run with Bluetooth via a phone.

There’s one more feature that this locomotive has: the high hood swap. Now this adds a small portion of customization to the locomotive. This is merely the second project I’ve given this feature to, the first one being the Ultimate GP38-2. “How do I swap it out,” you might ask. Your question will be answered in the next paragraph.

YouTube video:

Four days ago, from the time this project was submitted, I uploaded a video on YouTube of this project. All of the images shown here appear in the video, along with captions briefly describing the locomotive. However, I also show a video of how the low-hood, high-hood swap works. It’s actually surprisingly simple, easy, and quick. Here’s the video:


Thank you all so much for viewing and supporting this project! If you’ve read the entire description, then I congratulate you for your patience! Please, feel free to give me suggestions on how I can improve this project. Have a wonderful day, everyone, and take care. Built by Joseph cheeseinthepie on October 14th, 2019. Submitted November 8th, 2019.

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