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Train Station


This building was partly inspired by Smiths Creek Depot, which is located at the Henry Ford's GreenField Village. Also, I'm taking a break from building LEGO train sets and locomotives for once. Afterall, I need a little variety for my page.

The Train Station project is 474 pieces. It includes five minifigures; three of them are passengers, and two of them are workers. The station building's roof can be lifted up to reveal a small interior. Inside, there is a bench, a stack of purchasable newspapers, and a cash register with money and tickets in a compartment below.

Thank you all for supporting this project! What do you think I should build next? Someone requested me to build another entry to my Miniature Trains series, and I might consider building a resturant of some sort. Have a good day, everyone, and take care! Project built by Joseph cheeseinthepie. 10/13/2018

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