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2000 supporters!

Thank you all for the continued support, It is really cool to see this project climbing up to the 10K goal!

Please continue to support and share, We can reach the next milestone!

Thanks again!



Thank you all for such a speedy 1000! I am endlessly thankful for the continuous support and feedback, and it's been really encouraging watching this idea take off!

Splendidly, I completed the real-life model of Elf-Haven today, perfect time for the 1000 milestone. Here it is on my table, along with the Ideas Blacksmith and my own Black Falcon Castle.
Thanks again for all the support , Happy Building!

-Sam B. (RangerGilan7)


A Look Inside

Among the many comments from the many supporters, for which I am incredibly thankful, are many requests to see the interior. although this build has only a little space inside, I thought an even more in-depth look at the lives of these elves was in order.

First off, the model is designed in two sections so the top can lift off for access to the main level.

Second picture shows the bookshelf, stairs, and entrance area of the main floor. the last picture is the best angle I could get of the top level, which is not designed to open up as much. there is a lot of room on the balconies though, and a fountain and chandelier in the center.

Thank you all again for the support, I hope you enjoy!


Best time to go to the dentist? Tooth-hurty.

Thank you all for 230 supporters, especially this fast! We're in the top 30 on the popular list right now, and if it keeps up I am sure we can make it to the big 10k!
Stay tuned for more!

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