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This build is an homage to the fantasy world I am sure we all escape to through Lego. Rising out of the enchanted forest, this build is a safe-haven for passing travelers on their quests.

Here we have a Black Falcon guard, presumably traveling through the forest on his way home from the fabled Blacksmith, an elf sorceress learning magic from an ancient scroll, a wandering traveler with his chickens, and two elven warriors protecting their home from whatever dangers lurk in the cave underneath!

For this Build I wanted to capture the magic I felt whenever I read stories about Elven fortresses. Writers like Tolkien and Paolini were great inspiration for this. The bright and unusual colours, leaf-shaped archways, and of course the great trees of the forest, all add to this mystical fortress in the woods.

Enjoy, drop a support, share with whoever you can!

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