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Space Scout

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This little space buggy is very sleek. It show almost no studs and uses sideways building. Its has rocket jets on the back letting it zoom across an alien planet's surface. The space scout is quite sturdy. There is a joystick for the minifig to control the ship and to quickly make it back to home base. It is cleverly crafted and would make a great addition to any space collector. Please enjoy!
This set should be very inexpensive due to the size. I will post more pictures of this MOC later. Thank You

As you can see the minifig stands upon a 1 by 4 and controls the joystick.

The story behind this (written by COOLGUY40) is that it's the 40th century and an order of vigilantes are dashing attempting to stop C.H.A.O.S ( Creatures Harboring Amazing Overide Skills) from breaking down the cyber network (which is a big deal is where money is stored communications are held even allows to convert humans into data and send them like e-mails where they will be reasembled) this could be a grunt scout.

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