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Miniature Steam Machines


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"Miniature Steam Machines" is a collection of 3 steam engines designed at a small scale. I set myself a challenge to see if I could build these little engines using a limited amount of bricks but still maintaining a decent level of detail. The set contains a total of 319 bricks.

The set includes the following 3 models...


The smallest of the 3 models, made up from 82 bricks.


The Steam Roller contains 109 bricks.


The Showman's Engine is the biggest model in the set and is made from 128 bricks.

If you like these models then please also check out and support my other project on LEGO IDEAS, "The Old Workhorse - Traction Engine". This is a bigger and much more detailed model of a Traction Engine in minifigure scale.

Thank you very much reading and I hope you like my models enough to give them your votes!

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