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MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand


Latest Update: Display Stand and Design Changes!

Hello all!

The latest (and probably the last) update on my Invisible Hand is bringing a display stand along with regarding structure modifications and two design changes.

MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand v3

I really didn't like the previous design of bottom inverted tower. It looked ok but it was very fragile while the very bottom part was only hanging on one stud! That does not meet my personal requirements for durability - this model is meant to be played with, not just being displayed on the stand behind the glass. Therefore I redesigned this part to be more rigid. It's probably a little bit less accurate but I¨m quite happy with the result.

MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand v3 improvement 1

Second visible change was on the thrusters. These have been prolonged and some dark gray round plates were added to avoid that boring full light gray look.

MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand v3 improvement 2

So after all, I'm really happy with the model as it is now. I got rid of all weak spots and I'm quite sure there are not going to be any further changes unless LEGO produces some new and better fitting parts.

Model attributes:

  • 746 pieces (including stand)

  • 50 studs long (39 cm)

  • 9 studs wide (7 cm)

  • 19 studs high (15 cm)

  • Detachable front and rear part!

  • Fully detailed exterior

Thank you for reading through, don't forget to check my other project, the MIDI-Scale Venator Star Destroyer, which is in perfect scale with this Invisible Hand.

Big thanks for all the support, please keep sharing and spreading the word! Also each comment, either praise or criticism is welcome!



Battle of Coruscant!

Hello everyone!

Today I made my first attempt with more complex render showing battle of Coruscant showing my Venator and Invisible Hand in their epic fight! With the lack of photoshop skill I ended up using Gimp image editor. I know that the result is perhaps not the best picture ever made... well but after two hours of editing I'm quite satisfied :D

(I haven't found better image for the background so there is that Tri-fighter disturbing in the top right corner :D)

By the way the blaster shots are rendered lightsaber bars. It does't look so realistic as if I just included some efects but I really loved how these were used in The LEGO Movie and wanted to follow this pattern.

I hope you like this little update. If you do and if you want to give my project chance for becoming reality, please support, leave comments and share wherever you can. We suffer from lack of publicity and eventhough I'm doing everything within my power to atract attention for my projects, without Your help I'm short on this.

Thank you!



Confederacy of Independent Systems emblem!

The Confederacy of Independent Systems, also known as Separatists was the movement led by Darth Sidious and his apprentice Count Dooku. Formed by various planetary and sectorial governments, as well as some mega-corporations, that declared intentions to leave the Galactic Republic, refusing to comply with its excessive taxation and corruption in the Senate during the Separatist Crisis.

As a Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies, General Grievous had this well known hexagonal emblem printed on all starships belonging in his fleet including his flagship The Invisible Hand!

As I promissed in the recent UPDATE bringing OCF emblem on Venator, I have put this CIS emblem onto my Invisible Hand aswell.

As I didn't want to make it as a sticker, I was limited by the size of 1x1x2/3 roof tile. That's why the emblem looks a little bit to small on these pictures. (To reach appropriate size it would have to be about 1.5x bigger) 

I am not sure if LEGO has already made any of these parts with printing but I think it could work.

I hope you like it. It's tiny detail but for me it certainly improved the appearence.

Thank you for your supports and the feedback in comments. If you like it dont forget to share this with your friends.

Thank you!




NEW LEGO Ideas Group on MOCpages!

Are you on MOCpages? Do you have any MOC here on Ideas you would like to promote? Or are you just interested in seing and discussing other people Ideas? 

Then come and join the brand new LEGO® Ideas Group!

(Follow this link to join:

Share your ideas and get some publicity for it. Any MOCpages user is welcome. 

I'm looking forward to see your creations there :) !



Progress Journal

Day 40; 100 Supports reached! Thank you! (1k+ views)


Design improvements: Observation deck tower

Hello everyone!

Last few days I was working on better solution for observation deck tower on the rear part of the ship. The original design was heavily determined by used method of locking assembly and didn't look very appropriate.

Original design. You can see the ugly step at the bottom front of the tower

New design. No studs on side edges, smooth curved tower.


I'm much more sattisfied with new design, which should be also more rigid. Meanwhile I also made minor improvemets on whole top of rear part. Decided to hide some studs since most of the ship is bold aswell. Due to these updates, the brick count has slightly increased... again :D well I hope this will stop though. The current state is 640 pieces.


I hope you like the improvement as well as I do.Let me know in comments what do you thinl. Dont forget to support, share and follow not to miss another updates.



2 studs length extension - Dimension matching!

Hello everyone!

Few days ago I finished my second MIDI-Scale. The project is awaiting approval at the moment but I'm pretty sure you guys can recognize it from the picture bellow. New model forced me into some fix scale which I wasn't able to reduce. Thus I decided to extend and slightly modifiy the Invisible Hand's rear part which was much easier to do and it hasn't disturbed dimension accuracy.

So here we go, The Invisible Hand is now 50 studs long and the piece count has slightly increased to 626 bricks.


New size is propper regarding information I've found about these two ships.

I also include this side view which is missing in original project description. I hope you like it!


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