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MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand


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Hello LEGO Star Wars fans!  After few weeks of hesitation, I finally decided to revamp my old project and put it here. The MIDI-Scale Invisible Hand is first model belonging to my "medium scaled" starships project.


There are many reasons why big models are cool. First of all, they are big! Its great challenge to build them, there is a huge scope for precise details and its simply great to have some big LEGO monster. But there are also two problems I was always dealing with: Big models are expensive and not easy to handle. As a kid, I always wanted to fly those starships. Performing great space battles holding one in each hand. That why I conceived the idea of medium scaled Star Wars ships! Combining satisfactory look and decent amount of details with lower price and good playability.


The Invisible Hand, General Grievou's flagship featuring at Star Wars Episode III is one of my most popular starships among whole Star Wars universe. In this LEGO version, I have put the biggest efort in the correct dimensions and including the important details. You can see propper shaped front with command bridge, big open hangar or conning tower with observation deck. I also paid big attention on durability. Except the inverted tower at the rear bottom, whole model is very solid. 

Regarding the famous crash scene from the movie, ship can be easily split into two parts. Simple locking system using technic axle prevents unwanted falling apart.

Model properties

  • Pieces: 600
  • Detachable front and rear part!
  • Open main hangar
  • 48 studs long (38 cm)
  • 9 studs wide (7 cm)
  • 19 studs high (15 cm)

Thanks for stopping by!

If you like this model, as well as whole idea of MIDI-Scale starships, please support and share this project. With Your help, we could have this on shelves :)

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