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Maximum Goat


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You want the goat back, ha?
No problem, i give you back the goat BIG time!
Since there is no known perspective of TLG recreating the original mould for the minifigure scale goat that came in 2011 in only 1 (in words: one) set ever i have decided to develop a cure for our waiting.
I puffed it up so it's a 6:1 model of the original animal.

It has got some details on the inside, just for the fun of it and because i wanted to make use of the room inside it's belly! So everything is prepared for some more anatomical details. :-)
It's not posable at this time, but i may add some functions to it later.

Here are the hard facts:
Part count: 490 pcs (with baseplate: 602)
Size: ~ 5 x 20 x 18 cm (with baseplate: ~ 16 x 21 x 18 cm).
I used only parts in available colors except three parts where i preferred a better design solution than with available colors.

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