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Starfield - The Frontier Modular Spaceship


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Inspired by the release of Bethesda's landmark video game Starfield, this model replicates the design of the game's now iconic starting ship - The Frontier. The ship was designed to be assembled and disassembled from several individual modules, as in the game - allowing customisation and expansion perfectly suited to the Lego system. Every detail has been meticulously recreated in Lego, at close to minifigure scale, making this an exciting display model for the aspiring spacefarer.

As in the expanded disassembled image, the modules include the cockpit, hab, engines, bay, cargo hold, reactor, landing gear, weapons, cowling, shield generator, docker, fuel tanks and the grav drive. While the smaller modules are attached simply with studs, most of the other modules have one or two axle connections, on as many sides as possible, allowing them to be rearranged as the builder likes while remaining sturdy. With the vast level of customisation in the game, The Frontier should provide the foundation for a modular system allowing countless other ships to be built.

I hope Bethesda and sci-fi fans will appreciate this build and lend their support to hopefully see the project reach 10,000 supporters, and have a chance to become a real set. I believe this model could become a spectacular Lego set, making full use of the system and giving Starfield fans a build to remember their time exploring outer space.

Thanks for your support!

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