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Apollo Ships

After quite some time, I'm pleased to say these ships are finally presentable. They are not done, not by a long shot. I searched for the instructions for the Lunar Lander set (#10029-1) and modified from there. Within a few months, I wanted something other than the lander to work on, and so the command module was (after a great deal of head-scratching) born. I have more pictures I'll post and any updates will also be posted.

This is the lander. I made no major improvements from the official LEGO model, but I have added a (somewhat) realistic interoir.

This is the interior. 1x2x3 bricks on the top and sides hold the front on. The only drawback to this becoming an official set is that the lander is extremely fragile (I can't tell you how many times I've dropped the thing putting it on the shelf).

The inside of the command module is not very interesting but it can hold three figures comfortably.

The service module was the most challenging part of the model. Creating the round shape was a fun challenge.

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