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Red Dwarf: Sleeping Quarters



Thanks to you 9/10 is there!
Boys from the Dwarf are almost back on the Earth!'s cold outside,
there's no kind of atmosphere.
I'm all alone,
more or less.
Let me fly
far away from here.
Fun, fun, fun,
in the sun, sun, sun..


8000 is behind us!

Thank you for 8k!
I'm very pleased with how you've kicked my project off again and are driving it to new heights!

Greetings Ace, Duane & Dibbley Family!

These Minifigures are not meant to be part of the set.


Pleasure Gelf... Camilla!

Kryten and his girlfriend Camille enjoy moments of romance & peace together because love has no boundaries!

As a Kryten also Camille would be part of the set as a buildable figure!


Original Sleeping Quarters!

Many of you wish to see a version of classic Sleeping Quarters from seasons 1 & 2! I also thought about the real model which I will be able to present to the world. So... I built it! And now I want to share this model of original Sleeping Quarters with you!

You can find many references here like:
  • Lister's Fiji and London Jets posters
  • Rimmer's table
  • Talkie Toaster original version
  • Admiral Rimmer's picture
  • Albert flower (Amáta for Czech guys:)
  • Lister's space helmet from Red Dwarf intro
  • Listers' guitar
  • Rimmer's test with words "I am a fish." and his handprint
  • Big banana balloon
  • Holly Hop Drive

Next are Minifigures!
I built classic crew from seasons 1 & 2:
  • 2nd Technician Arnold J. Rimmer as a human
  • Dave Lister with his typical hat
  • Kryten (first version)
  • Cat got my own special design because I don't have the perfect hair for him yet and I just think this hair perfectly fits his personality

Something special that I want to bring through my own design is:
  • The young version of Dave Lister from Smeg and the Heads band!
  • Duane Dibbley! (Cat's alter ego)
  • The Book of Smeg (Cloister the Stupid visited the cat)

  • Kristine Kochanski got a very similar look to my Lego Ideas project version.

This model and Minifigures are not meant to be part of the set.



Whoa whoa whoa!
A big thanks to everyone who helped me to reach this milestone. I appreciate your favor, thanks to you a large part of the votes is behind us!

I prepared a little Red Dwarf miniature for this moment! This model of Red Dwarf mining ship I would imagine and want it to connect as part of my set


Boys from the Dwarf in danger!

Meet the royal villains of the boys from the Dwarf!

a hideous creature that takes the form of anything.. or anyone. In his presence, it is not good to have breakfast, ride a skateboard or be close to another person.. never know when it strikes!

a complex humanoid being who is hard to tell if it is a real villain. It's the entity that judges each human and asks him how well he lived his life ..anyway, the Inquisitor doesn't have it easy with boys from the Dwarf. To save their lives, those smart asses deal with the Inquisitor with grace!

a humanoid entity that charms every guest with its character and sense of art. However, the evil that lies within him is closer to the dwarf boys than they think!

These models are not meant to be part of the set.


Minifigures from the Dwarf!

The first list represents major characters in his part of the set and alternative outfits.
From left to right:

Arnold J. Rimmer
Part of the set outfit - season six blue hard-light hologram costume with blue ''H'' on the forehead.
Alternative outfit - season one khaki JMC military-style uniform with wig and white "H" on the forehead.

Dave Lister
Part of the set outfit - absolutely amazing season three black leather jacket with a sheriff star pin, kiss symbol and Wilma Flinstone on the back!
Alternative outfit - season one London Jets red t-shirt with JMC olive trousers.

Holly & Holly
Both tiles are part of the set!
Season one Holly/He Holly is captured in a curved TV model.
Season three Holly/She Holly is captured in a square TV model.

Part of the set outfit - with the replacement of the original actor, Kryten came with his typical outfit from the third season.
Alternative outfit - golden outfit from season seven/episode Ouroboros.

The Cat
Part of the set outfit - season four outfit with black gloves, heart necklace & the belt of the Cat's name.
The Cat as a Minifigure is an exception. It is the only one that includes alternative outfits as part of the set. the Tongue-Tied outfit, the pink outfit from season one and the checkered outfit from season six would all be part of the set!

The second list represents favorite minor characters and favorite villains of the show.

Ace Rimmer
With and without glasses.

The first version is Legion's absorption of the boys from the Dwarf.
The second one is his classic look with a silver mask.

The first version represents Inquisitor in his Cat trial phase.
The second one is his classic look with a mask.

The first one symbolizes her human form based on Lister's female counterpart (Kochanski).
The second one is her classic look in alien form.

The brick-built version of its classic look & Polymorph's incarnation
into white rabbit and sausage.


What if..

British Multiverse!
Guys from the Dwarf were honored with a visit by the all-known time traveller in his blue box! Of course, Lister and Cat loves party times so they decided to have a smaller party with other friends from Earth!

Minifigures from other Universes are not meant to be part of the set.



Smoke me a Kipper, I'll be back for breakfast! - Ace Rimmer

This model is not meant to be part of the set.


1,000 Supporters Celebration!

Huge THANKS to all of you,
who are supporting my Red Dwarf project on LEGO IDEAS! It's an amazing ride! I very much appreciate that you are helping me with my dream! You got me the first 1k supports in a few days!! Thanks to you I have 1/10 of my goal done! I hope we help to Guys from the Dwarf hit the 10k milestone one day!

For the first 1000 supports, I reveal to you a scene from season two; TONGUE-TIED time coming!!!

This model is not meant to be part of the set.

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