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Red Dwarf: Sleeping Quarters


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"Everybody is bricked down Dave!"
This set - The Red Dwarf: Sleeping Quarters is based on the 80’s British television show The Red Dwarf.
The set is composed of one main room, five Minifigure characters and additional accessories. The story of this now iconic TV show takes place in-universe three billion years in the future on a mining spacecraft called The Red Dwarf. It’s a science-fiction comedy that narrates the story of four humanoids. These four characters will be part of the set as Minifigures.
 As a fan of British humor (tv sitcoms), I designed a custom Lego set that captures typical features of my favorite show. I think LEGO created many sets based on American sitcoms for us but no British one appeared in stores yet. Now is the time to bring British bricks into the game. After all, a theme like Red Dwarf deserves a proper place on our shelves.
The main and the only room of this set is called Sleeping Quarters. That was one of the spaces being on the Red Dwarf ship. In the set as in the show was this room main base of the show, where most of the scenarios were happening.
I designed this set inspired by the mood of tv sitcom rooms. This prototype contains 1863 pieces of bricks including 5 Minifigures.
In the Sleeping Quarters, you can find elements like Dave's and Rimmer's beds, kitchen and a few of its equipment, dining table, sofa, Cat's coat hook with three different outfits and others. The accessories of this room are one of the funny parts of this set. My design includes many references typical for this show across all seasons like monitors with Holly, The Holly Hop Drive, Talkie Toaster, Skutter, lobster, Mr. Flibble, bazookoid or a bowl of Dave’s favorite curry etc.

Also includes corridor with vending machine which you can connect with main room: Sleeping Quarters.

List of all included in the set:

- 2x deck of playing cards (pink color)
- brick-build couch (red/silver color)
- 2x console controller for Dave and Cat 
- 6x TV screen plate tile No. 30258 with He Holly, She Holly and JMC logo variants
- 3x TV screen plate tile No. 3068B with He Holly, She Holly and JMC logo variants 
- lobster (red/dark red color)
- cleaning mop (dark yellow color & send red color)
- Holly Hop drive
- Skutter (dark blue-violet) 
- Talkie toaster with toast
- Polymorph in his duckling version (duckling with print)
- a serving Tray (pearl very light gray color) 
- hand mirror (pear very light gray color) 
- Bazookoid (dark blue color) 
- Lister's cap (black color)
- Lister's cat (black color) 
- Lister's guitar (black color) 
- guitar case (black color) 
- toolbox (green color) 
- crowbar (pearl very light gray color) 
- hand truck (olive color)
- trunk with a bottle (pearl very light gray color & transparent color) 
- 4x bar chair
- coffee table with steering wheel and pedals (dark blue color)
- banana, orange and apple
- tiles with prints of smeg & head words
- cone
- bucket (silver color)

Minifigures included in the set:

Dave Lister - last human being in the Galaxy. Lister is a major character in this show. He is a comfy folksy buddy who would help every living soul in outer space. "Curry is life!" 

I wish Lister has new dreadlocks hairpiece in dark brown color.
Also full printed arms and legs. I included him in his typical black jacket suit. Lister has a dual printed face, one with a smile and the second with a closed-eyes expression.
Arnold J. Rimmer - a self-working hologram of an ambitious man who destroyed a whole crew of members from Red Dwarf. But he never gives up, he dreams every day about his leadership working hard on better morality of Red Dwarf‘s crew.

I chose to use a blue outfit for him which is typical for season VII. I used retired medium brown color for his hair. Rimmer has full printed arms and he has a zipper print on side of his leg. Rimmer has a dual printed face, one side comes with a haughty expression and the second one comes with a neutral expression.
Kryten - protocolar android who serves Dave Lister. He helps Dave and the rest of the crew to get out of all problems. He is a little bit odd but extremely loyal to his master. 

I think It would be great if the set would include at least two variants of Kryten‘s removable head with a different expression on each. Also, it would be an extra opportunity to create the very first rubber Minifigure head for him in a tan color. Why? The character’s costume in the show has significant look also because of his rubber looking „skin“. (Good example is the ostrich‘s head from Prince of Persia). For Kryten’s body, arms and legs I used dark pearl color for his armor. His figure has a white cycle brick in the middle of his chest which is also a symbolic element. He is a fully printed Minifigure. 
Cat - genetic well-developed humanoid cat being. He is a narcissistic and selfish humanoid character but likes his friends and if it doesn't seem to, sometimes he saves the whole crew. 

I used rubber mini-doll hair for him (black color with dark blue hairpin) and coral color for his body piece and arms. I chose to use Cat's coral outfit with a symbolic "Cat" belt which he wears through episodes. He has printed legs. Cat has a dual printed face, one with an enthusiastic expression and the second one with a disgusted expression.
Also, I included the Minifigure of:
Kristine Kochanski - She is an important character for part of the storyline. In season 7 she supplies Rimmer's role like one of the main protagonists. 

For her, I used mold belt in flat silver color. She comes with a dual printed face. One side with a smile expression and the second one with a laugh expression. I used for Kochanski her significant red outfit which she wears through season 7.
I hope this set will be a neeedie for every lover of The Red Dwarf show. It can bring pleasure also to those who don’t know the show so well so far because there are many attractive bricks colorfully not so common in usual sets. That was also part of my concept. The nice fact is that you can build this set to enjoy it as a trophy of your collection or you can play with it as with every other room which has been ever dropped but only it has those significant features of The Red Dwarf!

So, if you fell in love with this project as I did and you wish to bring it home on your shelve, then join me and send a vote for Smegheads from The Red Dwarf! 

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