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The Tower


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Behold, Lego City's newest installment, The Tower! This building comes with seven fully usable floors, an observation deck, and lots of stairs! Your feet will love the new exercise!

Inside is a...

- Barber Shop (4th Floor)

- Floral Accomedation Shoppe (2nd Floor)

- Banking Office (3rd Floor)

- Fine Dine on the Observatory Deck (5th Floor)

- Fine Dine Kitchen (6th Floor)

- SkyView (7th Floor)

This project contains !965 bricks.

I think this would a good display or addition to any city. It has a basic structure able to adapt and blend in with many enviorment. You could also make some really cool stories about this "famous" tower! Whether you decide to support it or let it be, make that desicion of your own will. Thanks for checking it out anyways!

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