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The Half-a-House


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 This lego set is a modular building of a house that has been struck by a vicious hurricane. The family inside must learn to live on, now without toilets and bedrooms. I feel like there hasn't really ever been a lego set featuring just a house, that wasn't based an intellectual property. It features a hall, kitchen and sitting room, with 4 family members. Other features include a road, a lamp post, a footpath, plants, 3 doors, plenty of windows, a girl playing soccer (juggling), a mat for shoes, stairs, a coat hanger, cacti, 2 sofas, a TV, a lamp, lego sets (minifigure scale), toy cars, a clock, a table with dinner, a fridge, shelves, dishes and cutlery, food, an oven, a hob/stove/cooker, chairs, a sink and a counter-top. A garden is not evident but should be included in the set. I think it would make a great set because not only would it be incredibly fun to build, but kids could play family and imagination games with it. 

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